Thursday, April 23, 2009

Savage Girl-Girl


Groups: Angie Savage
Description: Angie Savage may have angel wings tattooed on her back but this big breasted blonde temptress is full of sinful carnal desires and intentions!
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Date Added: 2009-03-06

Groups: Single Girl Models
Description: Angie Savage fills out her bright yellow polka dot bikini quite nicely but we like it much better when she leaves it behind to show off her round, round boobs and ass.
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Date Added: 2007-09-05

Groups: Girl-Girl
Description: Angie Savage plys her tongue all over Renee Diaz's naked body before getting flipped over herself and then licked out in return by the hot Latina.
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Date Added: 2007-07-10

Groups: Girl-Girl
Description: Renee Perez licks a chocolate syrup heart off of Angie Savage's naked bum!
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Date Added: 2007-11-21

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